SNU Connectome Lab

Study the science of art. 

Study the art of science.

Develop your senses — especially learn how to see.

Realize that everything connects to everything else.

-Leonardo da Vinci's Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind-

Uncovering  the functional anatomy of the human connectomes may allow to understand the mystery of human minds and behaviors.  The impact of this achievement will exert on the entire humanity. Yet, the shear complexity of the brain network and its relationship with the genetic architecture and ever-changing environments makes it  extremely challenging to tackle how a brain connectome give arise to a set of cognitive/emotional/behavioral process.

At SNU Connectome Laboratory in the Department of Psychology, we attempt to tackle the questions about the connections that the brain makes — within itself and to others, such as genomes, phenomes, and environments. We use data science and AI as a lens through which we can observe the complex scientific data and then can extract useful representations that might reflect certain characteristics of the reality we may never encounter otherwise.  We are particularly interested in how time impacts these connections of the connectome, e.g., development and aging. We are also interested in when these connections go awry in an abnormal (e.g., disease) condition. Crucial is multi-disciplinary convergence through open science across Cognitive Sciences, Sociology, Medicine, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, and many more. 

We invite you all to this everlasting journey.  Welcome!